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Episode 13: Could You Teach Without Grades?

…this is nothing new. For my ninth graders though, I spend quite a lot of time actually in class giving them time to write, giving them feedback. So if we finish something and I’m like “Okay I want you guys to reflect on how you did on that last news article that you wrote based on the rubrics that you got.” Because I do like a rubric checklist with the standards. So like for headline it would have something to do with finding the main idea. And I try to align the different parts of a news article with the…

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The Big List of Class Discussion Strategies

…students in the outside circle grade the participants’ conversation with a rubric, then give feedback on what they saw in a debriefing afterward, as mentioned in the featured video. Hot Seat > Basic Structure: One student assumes the role of a book character, significant figure in history, or concept (such as a tornado, an animal, or the Titanic). Sitting in front of the rest of the class, the student responds to classmates’ questions while staying in character in that role. Variations: Give more students the opportunity to be in the hot seat while increasing everyone’s participation by having students do hot seat…

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Teaching Digital Natives, Chapters 6-10

…the internet instead of synthesizing the information….etc. They need modeling and then coaching. Requesting revisions? When is this suggested? Some of what Prensky says….mmm…I find a bit accusatory. For some reason I made a notation that says a rubric that encompasses all the verbs and take into account all of the nouns needs to be created for use for students if we are giving choice with the tools to use. With respect to real, world audience I wholeheartedly agree with this. Does Prensky suggest that the teacher seek out forums for this or is this also the onus of the…

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Teaching Digital Natives, Chapters 1-5

…Ss. 7. The teacher’s paradigm shift appears more difficult (giving up power) 8. I was disagreeing adamantly and I still do about the level of technology use by the teacher. There is a parenthetical statement about modeling examples up front and think that is key to support quality products. Students can pick apart the model using a rubric or having a discussion. When I have offered choices with tools, I let them know that selecting tools for which I am unfamiliar will mean troubleshooting on your own. 9. The course I teach is a critical thinking class. I do put…

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Deeper Class Discussions with the TQE Method

…best, Marisa Marisa E Thompson I often find rubrics limiting the learning but providing minimums, maximums, and vague descriptors. Perhaps it is because I am used to the process and know my expectations that I do not use a delineated rubric. Or perhaps it is because the points are minimal compared to the other skills we practice and their corresponding points. I was inspired by the Single-Point Rubric and the move to Mastery & Standards-based Grading. I read the standard associated with reading comprehension and that is an “8” for me. Go beyond this and earn a 9 or 10….

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