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Episode 14: Seven Easy Ways to Support Student Writing in Any Content Area

…to become a writing teacher was this idea of the writing process. I think that for lots of people they were never taught this. So. A long time ago, I guess before the idea of a writing process was ever introduced, teachers would teach this way. They would assign a piece of writing to students and students would either go home and write it or they would write it in class and hand it in. The teacher would give it a grade and that would be the end of it. That was the end of the writing assignment. Whatever grade…

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A Step-by-Step Plan for Teaching Argumentative Writing

…seems like we could share this info, save each other some work, and curate a great collection of mentor text for English Language Arts teachers. Maybe it already exists? Debbie Sachs Hi Maureen, Here are some great resources that you may find helpful: Craft Lessons Second Edition: Teaching Writing K-8 Write Like This: Teaching Real-World Writing Through Modeling and Mentor Texts and Mentor Texts, 2nd edition: Teaching Writing Through Children’s Literature, K-6 Gwen I love the steps for planning an argumentative essay writing. When we return from Christmas break, we will begin starting a unit on argumentative writing. I will…

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A Step-by-Step Plan for Teaching Narrative Writing

…helpful parts for them to observe were the early drafting stage, where I just scratched out whatever came to me in messy, run-on sentences, and the revision stage, where I crossed things out, rearranged, and made tons of notes on my writing. I have seen over and over again how witnessing that process can really help to unlock a student’s understanding of how writing actually gets made. A Narrative Writing Unit Plan Before I get into these steps, I should note that there is no one right way to teach narrative writing, and plenty of accomplished teachers are doing it…

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How ELA and Special Ed Collaboration Can Produce Great Student Writing

…kind of collaborative practice between regular classroom writing teachers and learning specialists.  If you’re part of a similar partnership, you may find some of these helpful in your work as well. Why Writing is Especially Challenging for Students with Learning Differences Writing is an incredibly complex task. It involves the instant integration of several components—handwriting and letter formation (and later typing), spacing and formatting on the page, spelling, grammar, sentence formation, adding punctuation—all while holding your ideas, and some sort of organizational scheme for those ideas, in your memory. It’s a difficult enough task for most students, who aren’t reading…

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BoomWriter: A Fun Twist on Collaborative Writing

…students are used to writing on their own, the collaborative aspect of BoomWriter will give them more exposure to the writing of their peers, and the competitive aspect will make many students up their writing game. If you’re looking for something to freshen up your writing instruction, give BoomWriter a try. ♦ Keep in touch. Join my mailing list and get weekly tips, tools, and inspiration—in quick, bite-sized packages—all geared toward making your teaching more effective and fun. You’ll get access to my members-only library of free downloadable resources, including my e-booklet, 20 Ways to Cut Your Grading Time in…

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7 Easy Ways to Support Student Writing in Any Content Area

…better writing. Roxanne Jones These are all great strategies. My nursing course (CNA) is geared around the “doing” as my students are learning how to competently perform various skills needed in caring for patients. Dan Emery I’m really late for the party! I would reinforce the idea of rewriting not only as a great practice for learning gains but also as a necessary and expected element of the recursive nature of the writing process. While we often have linear models of writing processes, the muddy reality of writing means we’re constantly going back and engaging in revision, even after publication….

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13 Stunning Places to Publish Student Art and Writing

…submissions from students in grades 8-11 are considered for two full scholarships to Walnut Hill’s residential summer writing program. Illustration by Taylor Stevens Canvas editor-selected Age Range: 13-18 Accepts: fiction, poetry, plays, creative nonfiction, new media, cross-genre, art Website Submission Guidelines for Writers Submission Guidelines for Artists Published four times a year and run by an all-student editorial board, Canvas publishes high-quality student writing and cover art in a variety of formats: online, pdf, ebooks, and print books. Something else cool: They also feature sound files of authors reading their work and some video interviews with authors. Canvas has only…

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How to Deal with Student Grammar Errors

…work, so if you have the link, that would be great! Andrew Weiler Some good observations about the ineffectiveness of teaching grammar. One thing that I have observed that focusing on what students can or cannot do in speaking and working on that is FAR more effective than working on writing first. Once a student is able to speak it naturally than the mastering of same in writing will be relatively straightforward (ignoring writing conventions) . The other way is not…ie mastering the writing first. Focusing on writing first accentuates language as knowledge. A no no. Whilst working on speaking…

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Episode 49: Dialogue Journals

…yours. What are Dialogue Journals? GONZALEZ: So why don’t we just start by having you explain to us what exactly a dialogue journal is. GALARZA: OK, so my initial use of dialogue journals began when I took this position four years ago as the writing enrichment teacher, and the purpose really, in my mind, I didn’t really know that this was a thing. I just wanted to get to know my kids better, and I wanted to get them writing daily, and I had found in the past that giving them a writing prompt didn’t always get the good writing….

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