On this site, I serve a large audience of teachers, and one of the ways I help them is to recommend products that can make their teaching more efficient, powerful, and fun. In the past, I have offered both sponsored posts and podcast sponsorships, but for the time being, I am limiting my promotional offerings to only podcast sponsorships.

About the Podcast

My twice-monthly podcast currently averages over 200,000 unique downloads per month, with an average of 50,000 downloads per episode. The show regularly appears in the top 10 in the Education/K-12 category on iTunes. Each episode averages 30 minutes.


This broad profile of the Cult of Pedagogy audience is based on a combination of reader surveys and other analytics tools:

Gender: Over 80% Female

Largest Age Groups:
25-24: 19%
35-44: 29%
45-54: 31%

Public School Teachers: Over 75%

Location: The biggest audience is in the U.S. (over 90%), followed by Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and India.


Each episode is downloaded by a minimum of 35,000 unique listeners, with many episodes going well above 50,000. Here are the download statistics for 15 recent episodes (note that old episodes are downloaded each month, so these numbers continue to grow):

How Sponsorship Works

Ready to Work Together?

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