On this site, I serve a large audience of teachers, and one of the ways I help them is to recommend products that can make their teaching more efficient, powerful, and fun. In the past, I have offered both sponsored posts and podcast sponsorships, but for the time being, I am limiting my promotional offerings to only podcast sponsorships.

About the Podcast

The Cult of Pedagogy Podcast offers a mix of interview-style episodes and solo episodes, all hosted by Jennifer Gonzalez. The topic of every episode is intended to help teachers do their work better — this can include instructional and classroom management strategies, educational technology, and research on cognitive science, along with regular explorations on how race, gender, religion, culture, and ability impact the quality of education our students receive.


The majority of our listeners are teachers, instructional coaches, university professors, and school leaders. They work in public, private, and charter schools. Here are a few other demographics based on surveys and interacting through social media over the years.

Gender: About 70% female, 30% male

Largest Age Groups:
25-34: 20%
35-44: 30%
45-54: 30%

Public School Teachers: Over 75%

Location: The biggest audience is in the U.S. (over 90%), followed by Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and India.


Since its launch in 2013, the podcast has been downloaded over 8 million times (IAB) and over 12 million times (unique). It currently averages around 200,000 unique downloads per month. By the time an episode has been out for a year, it typically accumulates well over 45,000 downloads. Episode length ranges from 5 minutes (for EduTips) and over an hour for regular episodes. Here are the IAB download statistics for some recent episodes:

This document provides a more detailed look at our download numbers.

How Sponsorship Works

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