Advertising Opportunities for Education Companies


Sponsored Posts

On this site, I serve a large audience of teachers, and one of my favorite ways to serve them is to recommend products that can make their teaching more efficient, powerful, and fun. I have found the most effective way of doing this is to write a sponsored post that focuses exclusively on that product.

This would be a 500- to 800-word post that exclusively features your product, provides a review of your product (if applicable) and insights into how teachers might use the product with their students. The post would contain two links to your product’s website and would be clearly labeled as a sponsored post. The post would then be promoted once on my Facebook page, several times on my Twitter feed, on one of my Pinterest boards, on my Instagram feed, and will be linked to in my weekly e-mail to subscribers. To see what these sponsored posts look like, take a look at the examples below. Each one is linked to the original blog post, plus the post where I shared it on Facebook, so you can see the kind of engagement each one gets:

Mysimpleshow (see Facebook post here)

Kiddom (see Facebook post here)

BoomWriter (see Facebook post here)

Listenwise (formerly Listen Current; see Facebook post here)

I only share resources that provide great value to my readers. Before we enter into any kind of promotional agreement, I will review your product to see if it is a good fit for Cult of Pedagogy. Once that has been determined, I would need full access to your product so I can experience it the same way a teacher would. After getting a full understanding of how your product works, I would draft the post and send it to you for approval prior to publication.

For an additional fee, I can also have you on my podcast as a guest to talk about your product. If you are interested in this option, please let me know when you contact me.

Podcast Sponsorship

My twice-monthly podcast is currently averaging 40,000 downloads per month and regularly appears in the top 10 in the Education/K-12 category on iTunes. Each episode averages 30 minutes. When you sponsor an episode, you will be announced as a sponsor within the first few minutes of the episode. After announcing you as a sponsor, I will read a 30-second promotion, which I can write or we can collaborate on, that will include a mention of where listeners can find you online.

All of my podcasts are produced as supplements to blog posts, or they appear with a written transcript. The copy used for your promotion will appear in that transcript as well. In rare cases where a transcript is not provided, a text link reading “Episode sponsored by (your company)” will appear under the podcast player.

Here are the total downloads for the past year (December stats only include downloads up to December 17):

How Many People Will You Reach?

Currently, Cult of Pedagogy averages over 9,000 unique visitors every day. Here are the monthly totals for 2016:



[ 2016 YTD Monthly Traffic as of December 17, 2016 ]


Along with regular blog traffic, Cult of Pedagogy also has an ever-growing social media following and e-mail subscriber list:

Mailing List
34,400 subscribers
I send one e-mail per week to my list, linking readers to my most recent blog post. Open rates for my list average from about 32% to about 42%.

I post to my Facebook page about six days per week. Every new blog post is promoted on Facebook, and is usually shown to an audience larger than my current followers.

I post to Twitter at least four times a day. A sponsored post or podcast episode would be tweeted out at least 5 times the week it is published, then again about once a month as I regularly recycle content.

I pin all of my new content on my boards and occasionally to larger collaborative boards. A sponsored post or post associated with a podcast episode would have a custom-designed pin that would be pinned to several boards over time. I also belong to several collaborative boards, so the pin would be picked up by other pinners as well. All of these pins drive traffic back to my site.

I have only been on IG for a short time, so this one is still growing! Every new post on my blog, including podcast episodes, is also promoted on my Instagram feed.

[totals current as of December 17, 2016]

Ready to Work Together?

If you’re ready to start the conversation about how we might partner to bring your product to the teachers who need it, send me an email via my contact form and let’s talk.