EduTips are micro-episodes of the Cult of Pedagogy Podcast.
Each EduTip offers one small, useful thing that will help you become a better teacher.
Click the links below to read or listen to each one:

1. Don’t make reading and listening compete.

2. Don’t yell at another teacher’s class.

3. Distract the distractor.

4. Hold off on most feedback until after a task is done.

5. Use huddles to communicate during group work.

6. Try a tiered activity for simple differentiation.

7. Stop popcorn reading.

8. Don’t take anything personally.

9. Use an antiseptic bounce to prevent off-task behavior.

10. Use music to buffer “silent” activities.

11. Replace general praise with something specific.


13: Add novelty to boost learning.

14: Find teachable moments in the downtime.

15. Set aside time to set norms.

16. Do a smooth first read.

17. Repeat audience questions.

18. Avoid assignments that are TOO open-ended.

19. Help students learn each others’ names.