When it comes to Genius Hour, you may be like a lot of teachers: You love the idea of Genius Hour (or 20 Percent Time), the notion of setting aside time every week for students to pursue their own interests, to follow their passions, to create their own original products and share what they’ve learned.

But that’s where you stop.

Because HOW? How do you actually DO Genius Hour?

How do you introduce it to students? How do you grade Genius Hour projects? What do you do about students who can’t figure out what they want to study?

Is it chaotic? Is it messy? Is there some kind of record-keeping system?

How do you fit it into your already bursting schedule?

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could guide you through the process? If an experienced teacher who had actually done Genius Hour and helped other teachers implement it in their classrooms could show you exactly what to do?


Let me tell you about my friend A.J. Juliani.

AJJuliani-1I met A.J. a few years ago when I interviewed him about 20 Percent Time. A.J. was an early adopter of the Genius Hour/20 Time model, and since he first tried it with his own high school students years ago, he has gone on to help other teachers implement and fine-tune the process with their students.

Now he has created an online course called the Genius Hour Master Course, a truly comprehensive package of resources that can help any teacher implement Genius Hour from scratch. Because he has done it himself AND helped other teachers in different settings get it right, he has a thorough understanding of exactly what kinds of questions Genius Hour beginners have and where the stumbling blocks are likely to appear. He has developed systems for organizing the process from start to finish. And he has gained a ton of insight about what makes Genius Hour work and why it’s so worth the effort.




About the Course

A.J. has given me full access to the course: I have seen the lessons, and I feel confident that anyone who takes this course will have what they need to successfully implement a Genius Hour program. Here’s what the course contains:

70 video lessons that walk you step-by-step through the Genius Hour process. 
Each lesson is kept short, so you can quickly get to the information you need without spending too much time. Every lesson is taught by A.J. himself, in a casual, conversational style that will put you at ease with the whole process.

A private discussion group for course members. 
This group will not only give you a ton of support from other teachers who are also on their own Genius Hour journey, it will also give you access to A.J., so you can ask questions when you get stuck. The group will also give A.J. feedback about the course, and improvements will be made based on this feedback. Guest experts will be invited in on a regular basis to share their insights with the group.

A four-week unit and seven lesson plans.
These plans are mapped to standards, 21st century skills, Bloom’s Taxonomy and Webb’s DOK levels. Lessons are differentiated by grade level; there’s a K-5 version and a 6-12 version.

Printable PDFs and PowerPoint files for every stage of the process.
These include rubrics, charts, and other texts that can help you assess student work, learn about the research behind Genius Hour, stay organized, and read reflections and tips from other practitioners.


Learn More About the Course

Disclaimer: I am an affiliate for the Genius Hour Master Course. That means if you enroll after visiting the course through my link, I will get a small commission for referring you.