Although I prefer to write most of the content for Cult of Pedagogy, I occasionally publish posts written by other educators. Who do I want? Writers with a sense of humor, a real passion for teaching and learning, a voice that readers can relate to, and a fresh, honest perspective. Currently, I am considering writers for the following topics:

Book Reviews

I regularly review books that appeal to educators of all subjects and all ages. Now I am ready to branch out to include more subject-specific books. Since I have a background in 6-12 language arts, I’m comfortable reviewing books that target that audience, but I really need writers that can give a practitioner’s review of books on theory and practice in teaching science, math, social studies, art and music, foreign language, ESL, physical education, special education, preschool and elementary topics, and others I’ve forgotten to mention here. And if you’re an English/language arts teacher and have a great book to review, that’s okay too.

Day in the Life Series

Pieces in this series offer an up-close look at a typical work day in various jobs in education. I am especially interested in the more specialized positions: FMD/EBD teachers, instructional coaches, football coaches, school secretaries, superintendents…any position that might make people ask, “I wonder what their day is like.” I would also like to hear from teachers in different settings — alternative schools, prison schools, etc. Here is an example.

My motivation for this series is partly out of curiosity. Because I want to know what the work is like, I assume others would enjoy learning about it too. I also think understanding the behind-the-scenes work of the people we interact with in education can only be a good thing for building rapport and mutual respect. Finally, I see this series as a good resource for students who are looking at potential career paths or educators looking to make a change.

Power Lessons

I love to share ideas for lessons or projects that have worked well for teachers. If you have done something with your students that you’d like to share with other teachers, tell us about it. Include your instructional goals, a step-by-step plan for how it worked, and reflections on what you might do to improve it in the future. Photos of the lesson in action, along with any downloadable resources, are also encouraged.

Personal Stories

If you want to tell the story of something significant you learned about teaching, learning, classroom management, or anything education-related, and it would work best as a personal narrative-style piece along the lines of this piece, then submit that.


Submission Guidelines

At this time, I am only able to consider complete manuscripts, rather than proposals.


Thanks for your interest in contributing to this community. I look forward to hearing from you!

Jennifer Gonzalez


A Note to PR Agencies

I do not accept posts written by non-educators or “content writers” whose primary purpose is to build a blog post in order to link to a paid product. The posts on this site must come from people with experience and passion for education who have personal stories or insights to share. If you are interested in a sponsored posts, I do a limited number of these myself for products that would be interesting to teachers. For more information see my advertising page.