Welcome to JumpStart Plus!

This page contains the instructions you’ll need to use our private online community. Please read the whole page and watch all the videos before getting started.

Community Guidelines

  1. We’re here to help each other. If you are struggling, PLEASE ASK FOR HELP. Chances are, you are not alone, and other people will be relieved to know they are not the only ones who need help. There is no such thing as a stupid question, so ask away! Also, even though we have moderators, if you know the answer to someone else’s question, please answer it!
  2. No spam or solicitation. Please do not post requests for any kind of fundraising campaigns, political calls-to-action, or product sales.
  3. Keep it positive. At times, group members may get discouraged. Do what you can to pick each other up so we can all be successful. Although we can’t imagine anyone being overtly rude or derogatory toward another participant, we should let you know that comments like this will be removed at the discretion of the community mentors.

How to Participate in the Community

You can get to the community at any time by scrolling to the bottom of any page on Cult of Pedagogy and clicking on the JumpStart Community link. The community has four sections:

This video goes into more detail on how to get the most out of the Community:

How to Edit Your Profile

Once you’ve made your first post, you’ll have the ability to edit your profile and add a profile photo. This video shows you how to do it.