One-size-fits-all professional development is rarely the best choice for schools.

Most teachers prefer training that meets their specific needs for growth and improvement. Ideally, this training will be personalized and ongoing, with a mentor who gets to know them and can help them implement real, sustainable change.

My small-group coaching packages offer exactly that.


Step 1: Session Launch

We’ll start by getting everyone oriented around an area of study. This can happen in one of two ways:

Option A: Virtual Keynote
A one-hour keynote that you choose from my menu of presentations. This can be given to your whole staff, district, or organization, or to a smaller group.

Option B: Independent Study
If you need something that is not covered by my menu of presentations, or your school does not have the budget for a keynote, you can complete the Session Launch by having your group read and/or listen to a selection of articles and podcast episodes from Cult of Pedagogy, carefully curated by me, that center around one of these focus areas:

Step 2: Coaching Sessions

First session: $1,500
Additional sessions: $1,000

After we’ve completed Step 1, we’ll hold a series of one-hour virtual coaching sessions with a small group of up to 12 people who have a high level of interest in the focus area. These sessions will be interactive, discussing how each participant is applying the focus area in their own classroom, troubleshooting the sticking points, and setting personal goals for growth. My goal in each of these meetings is to equip group members with the tools they need to continue this work beyond our time together.

The sessions will be scheduled around your needs, ideally at least a few weeks apart, with a maximum of four sessions per group.

What I Bring to the Table

In my 10+ years in the classroom, I developed a strong sense for what it takes to teach effectively. In the 10+ years since then, as I have slowly built Cult of Pedagogy, that “sense” has been refined, organized, and fortified by interviewing experts, reading books on teaching methodology, exploring high-tech and low-tech solutions, and talking to hundreds of practicing classroom teachers, instructional coaches, and school leaders about the challenges of teaching and the tools we need to solve them. (You can learn more about my background on this page.)

I like to think all that experience has made me a kind of concierge for educators — someone who can listen carefully to a teacher’s particular challenges and needs, point them toward the resources and practices that are most likely to help them reach their true potential, and because change is hard, follow up to help them troubleshoot along the way.

Sample Packages

Here are some examples of what it would look like when you combine the above elements into a package that meets your needs:

Ready to Get Started?

I will work with a maximum of four schools in the 2023-24 school year. If you are interested, please click the button below to go to our interest form.

After you submit the form, our team will get in touch with you to set up a package that fits your needs. (If you have any questions beforehand, please use the contact form on this page and we’ll be happy to help.)