pedagogy (n): the art and science of teaching

Cult of Pedagogy is an online magazine for anyone who teaches anything — that means high school geometry teachers, elementary school special ed teachers, golf instructors, homeschoolers, corporate trainers, English tutors, preschool teachers, medical school instructors. Teaching is an art, a craft, and a science, and perfecting it is an ongoing, endless process. There are hundreds of ways to study and practice it, and this is what I obsess about here.

Because you’re busy teaching, you don’t have time to study the craft as carefully as you’d like, to try out new tech tools, read books on methodology, stay on top of current research, or explore opportunities for professional development. I dig through those things for you, weed out the crap, and show you the good stuff — resources and information that will help you do your job better.

And there’s more. I also tell stories about teaching that I hope will inspire you, fascinate you, and show you that you’re not alone. When I was a full-time teacher, I wished there was a place where the discussion of teaching was elevated to a kind of art form.

It is my goal to create that place here.


If this is your first time…

…here are some suggestions for where you might start.


If you have an hour…listen to a podcast of my interview with Leigh, whose daughter has autism. In an hour that is sometimes funny and sometimes heartbreaking, she tells me what she wishes all teachers knew about teaching kids with autism.



Gut-Level-ReflectionIf you have 30 minutes…download and take the Gut-Level Teacher Reflection, a series of exercises to help you figure out what aspects of your teaching are really giving you problems.




If you have 10 minutes…read the results of my Survey on School Administrators. In December of 2013, I surveyed 85 teachers in over 20 states about the things their administrators do that lift them up, and the things that crush them. Their comments are anonymous and completely honest — it’s a fascinating read.


Find Your Marigold: The One Essential Rule for New Teachers

If you have 6 minutes…read Find Your Marigold, one of my oldest and most-read posts. It was the post that gave birth to the category “Rants and Pep Talks,” and was the first idea I really had to get off my chest when I started this site.




If you have 4 minutes…learn how to use the Reciprocal Learning Strategy, a really neat twist on pair work that can be used in any subject area. Also visit my growing YouTube channel, where I have videos on instructional strategies, classroom management, technology, and design.


Genius Nuggets

If you have less than one minute…take a quick look at Genius Nuggets, my collection of fresh wisdom from famous and not-so-famous educators and other smart folks.



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