Update: You’ve reached an old page and this position has been filled.

Cult of Pedagogy is run by a small team of dedicated people. Although we rarely hire new team members, we are hiring right now! If you believe you are a good fit for the position listed below, please use our contact form to submit the requested materials.

Customer Experience Representative


Your role will be to fully understand all my content and products so you can help my readers and customers get what they need. I receive a lot of questions and requests about my site, my services, and the products I sell, and I need a team member who can learn about all of these well enough to eventually answer most questions without my assistance.

Your role will include the following regular duties:

Estimated Hours

You will start at 10 hours per week for a one-month trial period. The hours themselves are flexible, and we will work out a schedule that fits your life. After the one-month trial period, we may expand your role and hours, but the total weekly hours should not exceed 20. I am very reluctant to hire anyone for this position who currently holds a full-time teaching job; I want teachers to focus on their students, and because I fully understand the demands of teaching, I do not think a full-time teacher would be able to grow with us in the way I would hope.


This will be a “virtual” position, so you can do the work from home. I would prefer someone in North America, because it would be easier to communicate if we are in roughly the same time zone, but I will consider applicants from other areas.


You will be paid by the hour. Your rate will be discussed in the application process.

Desired Skills

To Apply

Using my contact form, put “Customer Experience Representative” in the subject line, then attach a single PDF that includes all of the following:

(Take note: The above task is somewhat complicated, requires agility with several kinds of technology, and asks you to follow very specific directions. None of that is an accident.)

Applications for this position will be taken until August 20, 2018.