Update, July 2018: Since the publication of this book study, multiple women have come forward accusing Sherman Alexie of sexual misconduct. This information has complicated the question of whether Alexie is an author we should still be promoting in schools. I would recommend all ELA teachers and school librarians take the time to read up on the Alexie story so you can make an informed decision. Some good resources are listed below to help.


Articles About the Allegations and the Response

Sherman Alexie’s Accusers Go on the Record

AILA Rescinds Sherman Alexie’s 2008 YA Book of the Year Award

Sherman Alexie Called Out for Sexual Misconduct for Over a Twenty-Year Period

Why Reading Sherman Alexie Was Never Enough


Discussions of Whether “Part-Time Indian” Should Still be Taught in Schools

Why I’ll Never Teach This Powerful Book Again

Sherman Alexie & #MeToo


Other Recommended Books

(Thanks to Pernille Ripp for sharing so many of these!)

Native Characters and Culture
If I Ever Get Out of Here
The Marrow Thieves

Young Male Protagonist
Dear Martin
Hey, Kiddo (October 2018)
House Arrest
Long Way Down
Orbiting Jupiter
Tight (September 2018)


***original post from the Summer 2017 book study follows***




The second of five selections for our summer 2017 study of Young Adult booksThe Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie is the story of Junior, a teenage boy who lives on the Spokane Indian reservation. Dissatisfied with the lack of opportunities he has there, Junior decides to start attending a neighboring school whose student body is all white.

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Here is my video reflection, followed by a few notes:


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