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Little drops of wisdom to guide us in our quest for excellence.
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Rita Pierson, "Kids don't learn from people they don't like."


David Campbell, "Discipline is remembering what you want."



Ginott2015Genius Nugget: Steve Jobs on Creating Change


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  1. Hi!
    Canadian high school teacher here. LOVE your icebreakers! Makes so much sense. Also your genius quotes/messages. Perfect for some not so positive colleagues students must endure.

  2. “Education has the highest potential for return than any other investment” –
    Robert L. Thomas(me)
    The greatest stories of success can say “true” to the above quote, from corporate to college and to all in between. Does your company or institution invest in the education of it’s employees? After all, teachers should be on the cutting edge of education, shouldn’t they? My resume’ bears witness to this quote(money wise) as a master craftsman journyman sheetmetal worker/welder, until I became a teacher of my craft. “pedagogy” is a word that sounds demeaning to me, as something I would hear from a politician who has no respect for my vocation. I simply prefer “education” as a word to describe what I am a part of rather than pedagogy. Educator? or Pedagogue? That is the question of the day!

  3. I enjoy your nuggets – thought you might like to read this excerpt from an article in the Sydney Morning Herald by a current principal of a girls school in Sydney. She is one year on from a cancer diagnosis –
    …teachers do ‘hope’ for a living. Even when times are tough, things aren’t going to plan, or the outcome is grim, we never give up. Hope is not a fairy-tale ending but a gritty commitment to the journey. Hope is engaging in life with every cell in your body.

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