Summer is a time for teachers to renew themselves in lots of ways, to rest, reconnect with friends and family, and reset for the upcoming school year. It’s also a time for honing your craft, and to that end, we have pulled together a collection of programs that can help you grow in so many ways. Each program was created by someone we know personally, so we can vouch for the quality and integrity of the content.

We’ve separated the programs into four categories. To go straight to your area of interest, click one of the links below:

Technology-Integrated Learning

Social Justice and Antiracism

Teacher Work-Life Balance

Classroom Instruction & Management

All programs are fully online.

Programs marked with an asterisk (*) are those with whom we have an affiliate relationship.
This means Cult of Pedagogy receives a percentage of every sale that comes through our link.

Technology-Integrated Learning

JumpStart: A Technology Course for Thoughtful Teachers

June cohort: June 6–August 15
July cohort: July 5–September 13

self-paced option available

This comes first because it’s OURS! By guiding you through a series of hands-on projects, this course teaches you 10 key processes that can have an incredible impact on how you teach, how your students learn, and how you collaborate and communicate with others, giving you the confidence and skills you need to make smart choices about the tech you use in your teaching.

Learn More About JumpStart

The Modern Classrooms Project*

Summer Institute: July 11–August 14
Fall and Winter sessions also available

The Modern Classrooms Project helps teachers implement an instructional model where students work through course material at their own pace. The model is built on blended learning, and it’s mastery-based—students only move on to new material once they’ve reached a certain level of mastery. MCP offers a free course that teachers can access and work through on their own, or a paid mentorship program that supports you through the implementation process. Cult of Pedagogy readers can take $100 off the cost of the mentorship program by visiting through our link below.

Learn More About The Modern Classrooms Project

Google Certified Educator Academies*

self-paced | open year-round

Teachers who want to get the most out of Google’s suite of learning tools go beyond simply using them—they acquire enough skills and knowledge to become Google Certified Educators, sharing innovative practices online, training other teachers, and helping their students leverage these tools to create, collaborate, and grow as learners. Kasey Bell of Shake Up Learning has spent years helping thousands of teachers prepare to take the required tests to become a Level 1 or 2 Google Certified Educator or a Google Certified Trainer. Taking this step will not only improve your tech skills, it will offer opportunities for supplemental income as a trainer of other teachers.

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Social Justice & Antiracism

Dismantling White Supremacy Culture in Schools Conference

June 20-23

This four-day virtual conference is for anyone committed to starting or sustaining antiracist work in schools. Built around this year’s theme of Prioritizing Wellness and Navigating Resistance, the conference is packed with foundational training sessions, phenomenal speakers, workshops, processing and coaching sessions, and action planning for the upcoming school year. Scholarships are available for educators who are facing political or professional resistance to antiracist work. 

Learn More About the Dismantling WSC Conference

Annihilating Racial Injustice in Schools*

self-paced | open year-round

In this ten-module course, taught by Sheldon Eakins of the Leading Equity Center, participants are given a complete overview of what it means to create an antiracist learning environment, along with a set of tools for creating this environment in their own schools. Topics include having brave conversations, setting measurable goals for antiracist and antibias practices, avoiding performative wokeness, and cultural appropriation vs. cultural appreciation.

Learn More About Annihilating Racial Injustice in Schools

The Learn 2 Care Pilot Program

Summer Pilot: July 11-August 25
Fall Pilot: September 26-November 11

Learn 2 Care is a brand-new professional learning program created by CARE, the Center for Antiracist Education. The program has been created to help schools create inclusive and just classrooms where curriculum and instruction are guided by antiracist principles. This year, CARE is seeking participants for the Summer and Fall pilot programs, which will help them test and refine the program before its official launch. This is a unique opportunity for several reasons: (1) CARE is an organization run by an incredible group of experienced, accomplished antiracist educators from diverse backgrounds; (2) Participation in the pilot gives you a chance to influence and contribute to a program as it is being refined; (3) Pilot participation is free of charge.

Learn More About the Learn 2 Care Pilot Program

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Teacher Work-Life Balance

The 40 Hour Teacher Workweek Club*

year-long membership: opens June 1

We have been promoting this club for years now, because we believe it is the absolute best way to streamline and simplify your work and get your life back. Angela Watson constantly refines and updates the monthly materials in this membership to fit whatever situation you’re in, regardless of how world events impact it. Thousands of teachers have been through this program, and they rave about it—members ends up saving an average of 11 hours every week. There’s also a version of the club for administrators, and another for instructional coaches. Early bird pricing—$15 off the membership price—is offered from June 1-30.

Learn More About the 40 Hour Club

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Classroom Instruction & Management

Project-Based Learning Master Course*

self-paced | open year-round

John Spencer’s time-tested course offers a practical framework you can use to design an authentic, standards-aligned project-based unit plan that you can take right into your classroom and use with students. Along with the outstanding videos and other resources in the course itself, you’ll have access to a community of educators who can support you on your journey, and John is also available to answer any questions you have about the process. Cult of Pedagogy readers can take 20% off the course tuition by using the code CULT22 at checkout.

If PBL is not your thing, take a moment to check out the other courses on John’s site, with topics like design thinking, makerspaces, vintage innovation, and genius hour.

Learn More About the PBL Master Course

Student Motivation Course*

self-paced | open year-round

As we transition out of COVID-era schooling, so many teachers report that student motivation is at an all-time low, so this course may be needed now more than ever. When Dave Stuart, Jr. developed this course, he wasn’t looking for gimmicks or quick fixes; he went deep into the research on what truly motivates humans, and he found that it is based on five underlying principles: credibility, belonging, effort, efficacy, and value. The course looks at each of these and explores how teachers can use them to improve the quality of their interactions with students. Teachers who have taken the course say it forever changed the way they teach.

Learn More About the Student Motivation Course

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Programs marked with an asterisk (*) are those with whom we have an affiliate relationship.
This means Cult of Pedagogy receives a percentage of every sale that comes through our link.