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Announcing Our Summer Video Challenge


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Have you been wanting to play around with some of the cool video creation tools you’ve seen around? Needed a reason to get started? I’ll give you a reason: WE’RE HAVING A CONTEST!!! Yep, it’s our first-annual Summer Video Challenge, and I’m setting it up to push you to try something new.


The contest is pretty simple: Using Powtoon, GoAnimate, or Explee (just added!), you make a one-minute video in any one of these categories:

(1) Flipped Lesson: A brief lesson teaching some concept from your content area. Could be used to “flip” a class next year.

(2) Model Project: A video you create to show students the kind of thing they could do as a product for a unit. You are not explaining the project in the video, but rather doing the project yourself.

(3) Administrative/Logistical: These would be videos you create to explain classroom or school procedures/rules, introducing yourself to staff, students or parents, explaining the parameters of an assignment or project, or some other topic that does not directly teach content or demonstrate learning.

The winner gets their video featured on this site, plus one free item of your choice from our store.

The contest is now closed!!



  1. Hi Jennifer!

    Another tool exist to make one-minute video for free:, have a look at it you may be interested 🙂

    Have a nice day!

    • Hi Cloe — Thanks for sharing this. It looks like a fantastic option. I will add this as another possible tool!

      Readers: I have not personally tried Explee, but it looks great. Watch this short video to see how it works.

  2. shayneswift says: I used explee today!! Very fun!!!

  3. RoyalP says:

    OH NO! July 31st! UGH! I missed the deadline!

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