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Survey: How well do you balance teaching and parenting?


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They’ve both been described as “the hardest job in the world.”

And millions of people are doing both simultaneously.

What are the challenges of balancing teaching with family? Do school policies make it especially hard? And what solutions have you come up with for creating a better work-life balance?

Take my 8-question survey and talk about your experiences. The survey will be open for one week only, so take it now. When the results are in, I’ll post them here.


This survey was given from February 27-March 1. The results are now in! Click below to read the full report:




  1. Jennifer, your recommendation of not saying ‘pedagogy, cos that’s just silly’ (biting my tongue here) is basically saying to your dear ‘cousins’ from the UK that they are silly, because that is how we pronounce it over here. However we do pronounce lots of words differently from our US counterparts and it’s just accepted. No need to say that anyone is silly for pronouncing it the way their language is read.

    • Hello Zar! I am terribly sorry for this. I had no idea. I will put a new recording into the player as soon as I can get to it. I apologise for my ignorant. (See that? I used British spelling for “apologize.”) Thanks for letting me know.

  2. Jenn,

    I skimmed and looked at the graphs. I am in a unique situation where I am at a PreK-12 building in which my children are students. We only have 500 students in the whole building. When I was interviewing for the job, my administrator told me that our build is a “family” and looks out for each other. This is a blessing. The principal covered my class while I went to the end of the year preschool program that my son was in. As my children get closer to high school (and take my classes) I am sure there will be new challenges.

    It is nice to take my kids to work/school with me every day. It is great to peek in on them during my planning. It gives me a second identity too. I am Mrs. Gladson and Jaina/Clark’s mom. Also, I am off when they are off. All summer!

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