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Oh, The Things You Can Do with GoAnimate!


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A good video is like a shot of B-12 to any message you’re trying to get out there. Whether you’re teaching, training, advertising, or expressing yourself as an artist, a well-made video can accomplish so much in so little time.

Until recently, the tools to create professional-looking videos were out of the hands of most regular folks. But those days are over. YouTube and movie-editing software have now made it possible for us to take what’s in our video cameras, edit them with beautiful production values, and share them with the world.

And now the same is coming true with animation. In July, I told you about a fantastic, free animation platform called Powtoon. And now, here’s GoAnimate, another animation website that provides you with awesome tools to create videos that go even further.

To show you how GoAnimate works, I offer you this demonstration, where I put together a short, silly animated video entirely lacking in educational value. Enjoy.



How might you use it?

If you, your students, or your business are not already using some kind of video creation program, you might need a little help imagining all the ways it can benefit you, your students, or your company.

In School: Teachers can create their own GoAnimate videos to flip classes, to provide remediation for struggling students or enrichment for gifted students, or to get students excited about a new unit. Administrators could use videos to promote school programs, reinforce policies, or inform parents and community members about new initiatives. And most importantly, STUDENTS can create GoAnimate videos to demonstrate or extend learning. Instead of a written book report, a PowerPoint on the Civil War, or a science research paper, students can create an animated video. Student organizations can use the videos to promote and advertise their activities or accomplishments. Video projects can be used as independent work to differentiate for student ability or interests. High school juniors and seniors can use GoAnimate videos as part of college applications. English language learners can compose dialogues or experiment with different accents. The possibilities really are endless.

In Business: Obviously, GoAnimate videos can be used for advertising; they would work especially well on social media. You can import your own logos or images to customize the look and feel of the videos and really make them your own. Videos could also be used as part of your corporate training, presentations, or even as a part of team-building challenges or brainstorming sessions. Because the platform is truly something new, it will spark creativity in ways that could result in some pretty big breakthroughs.

What does it cost?

GoAnimate offers different rates for business, personal, and school use. My personal plan only runs me $6 per month, but I also don’t have access to the premium features, which would cost me $33 a month. School plans are customized based on the number of teachers and students you plan to use it with. For example, a one-year subscription for 5 teachers and 200 students is estimated to cost $355. Compared to free, this may be an expense a school can’t cover, but it’s a reasonable amount to expect a very small fundraiser to earn. They do offer a “Try Before You Buy” feature, so you can get a better feel for what GoAnimate can do for you before making any big commitments. ♦


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  1. traci e matturro says:

    Look out Disney! You are something! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hannah Embry says:

    Hi! I was wondering what program you use to make your videos. I like how you demonstrate how to do the GoAnimate video while you do a voiceover. Needed to do this for a Master’s class and didn’t know which program would be best to use to create my video.

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