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For episode 6 of my podcast, I answer questions from:

Resources from this Episode

For Lisa, the grad student who needed help getting her online bookmarks organized, I recommended a tool called Diigo.

For Nick, the high school earth science teacher who asked how he could make his material more challenging for his students, I recommended several resources:

Book: How to Differentiate Instruction in Mixed-Ability Classrooms

PDF: Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy: Cognitive Process Dimension

Discover Magazine

Earth Magazine


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  1. This is such a cool idea, I love it! Great opportunity for beginning and experienced teachers alike to get help targeted to specific concerns.

    • Hey LS. Thanks so much! The next time you’re wondering about something or have any kind of question, please call in!! The calls have been slow to get started so far. Have a great weekend!

  2. Margit says:

    Hi, Jennifer,
    I really loved this episode because it hit some important topics for me. I would love for you to do a whole episode on differentiation – perhaps like your 15 minutes on think-pair-share that I found incredibly motivating.
    I teach English to young adults, from 18 and up, and would love to hear some more advice on differentiation. My students are very different: from the academically challenged, the very intelligent, the dyslexic students, the un-motivated students to the highly motivated ones.
    I’m a big fan and hope you continue doing the great job you do.

    • Hey Margit! I am thinking about doing a book study this summer on differentiation and am hoping to interview the author for a podcast episode. Keep an eye out for that!

  3. JOan says:

    Hi i really like the notebook for with the students positive, neutral and negative behaviors. It can be real eye opening to the student.

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